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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:17 pm

There are a few basic rules to follow on this forum:

1. No Judging:
This is a forum supposed to make people feel better after talking about their problems/things they like... , not make it worse.
However, mature opinions are welcome and sensibility is quite encouraged.

2. No discrimination:
Anyone writing something discriminative about someone else or anything else for that matter, will get a warning, or even get kicked out of this forum.

3. No Pornographic Matters:
No porn, images of naked people or beings (animals too) having sexual intercourse, or anything related. People doing so will get a warning or get kicked out of "One Life".

4. Be Yourself:
Of course, less strict than the earlier rules, you are free to be yourself while staying anonymous, and safe from criticism, it's the purpose of "One Life".

Here are additional information about "One Life"

  • Here, there is a warning system: if you break these rules, you will receive a warning, and if you break them three times, you will get kicked out of here.

  • We are here to help each other but if we failed to give you the right advice, please do not hold anyone responsible because we are not professional psychologists or therapists.

Thank you for your cooperation, I hope that you will enjoy this forum Smile
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